Sunday, December 3, 2017

Toronto Box Day 3 - A real Score

With the cards that are new to my collection coming from this box, I am noticing a really good theme.

A lot of them are Canadian brand, meaning Leaf and O Pee Chee. This is excellent because most of the trade partners I have online are not Canadian. There are a few Canadian trading partners, but with the majority being American, O Pee Chee and Leaf cards are not as easily found with them than say Donruss, Upper Deck or Topps. I know a lot of this will also be production run, but being in Canada and collecting when these brands were first released, was an easier way to get a bunch of these cards.

Heck, back then when I was collecting, I don't think I knew enough to realize they were two different sets - especially ones like 1991 Topps where the print line and lighter back of the baseball cards was the real clue to the difference. Not something 11 year old me thought as anything more than printing differences of the same set.

The odd "newer" cards like mid-90s Pinnacle is just icing on the cake!

As is any duplicate Jays card I need to be able to put one in the error binder....

Does it make getting duplicates a problem?

Not when they are classic Jays like these...

Not when they include 80s Leaf cards which are in pack fresh condition...or Bowman Hat Trick cards (which I think these are the Tiffany version of because of how glossy they are - as I assume the regular version is not the same gloss...must be slightly different...

and not when you get a real Score of cards like this. Another small difference I didn't notice as a child....the way to tell the Score sets apart here is the colour of the Score word in the top right corner. Red is the bilingual version.

Totals after day 3
Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 16 12 13
New Other 8 5
Dupes Base 28 32
Dupes Other 4 2
Total 56 51 13 120

Honestly, with almost 50 new to me cards already, which would work out to 10 cents a card - not surprising that this buy is already a winner.

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