Friday, December 15, 2017

Toronto Box Day 15 - Football?!?!?

I am not a CFL fan - I hear about the Argos for the simple fact I live in Toronto, and thus it is covered in the sports highlights. I'm not saying I am against football, but I do follow the NFL a bit more than the CFL - again probably because that is more where the media coverage is, even though I get both locally covered. I don't know if it is the small league which makes it seem more "junior" to the NFL or what, but that is how it is seems to me.

Obviously this will lead to showing you these...

I don't mind the design on these at all, especially the blue border of the blue and white Argos.

As for the keepers from this pile, only a couple...

A couple more French language Upper Deck cards and a neat 1993-94 NHLPA Roots Wendel card which is really neat, though no stats on the back or anything.

As for the dupes....a couple cards with dupes upon dupes...

Not sure anyone needs that many Drake prospect score cards...except maybe Drake, but on the other hand, the few added Wendel Roots cards are nice. I am not sure if the punch hole is standard (possible all four of mine were punched together), but for now I will assume so, but it was difficult to find the card online.

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 43 92 33
New Other 14 8
Dupes Base 161 242
Dupes Other 5 2
Total 223 344 33 600


  1. It's as though Wendel Clark is looking at us and saying "I can take your wife, if I choose."

  2. If I recall correctly, the Roots cards were hang tags for Roots clothing--sold through Roots stores (used to be one at Mapleview Mall)

    1. That was what I was thinking made sense when I saw roots and given the holes were so evenly put into the cards