Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Toronto Box Day 19 - Wow - that is just dark...

I get it. Sports teams like helping in the community, safety and connecting with kids in a good way is great for them, and I am all for it. One way or another this lead to, at least in Toronto, many years of safety sets of Jays cards which were linked to various organizations such as the Police, Toronto Star, Oh Henry, etc.

Today, a great keeper from the 1985 Toronto Blue Jays Safety Set and here it is, front and back...
An excellent card, but wow Rance, that is dark...."Don't try a suicide play. Never re-enter a burning building." Again, I get it, but that's pretty dark for say, a 10 year old getting and asking questions about....that could be awkward.

More keepers...
Another good pickup, because I wouldn't have thought about it otherwise - Kilgus being a Jay because it has the simple "traded to" on the front of the card which frankly, I would usually miss

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 50 115 44
New Other 14 8
Dupes Base 215 307
Dupes Other 5 2
Total 284 432 44 760


  1. Yeah a simple "don't enter a burning building" would have been better instead of trying to tie it into baseball.

    1. That would be a little more fitting - and probably what you would see on such a set these days.

  2. Many of the quotes seemed to be forced tie ins..

    1. Yes - there is a point at which you are just trying way too hard....and they went way past that point.