Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Toronto Box Day 26 - Boxing Day

I gather for those collectors who wait the day, this is really unboxing day for all the goodies received yesterday. Santa was nice enough to get me two tins of 2017 Upper Deck Toronto Maple Leafs Centennial Collection Cards. With 12 packs each, 8 cards each and two tins, I am hoping I can get 80% or so on the true base of 100 cards at least. Hopefully some other nice goodies too, but time will tell as I just haven't got to them yet.

I did get to the cards from the Toronto box today which are more O Pee Chee needs filled and a nice "Vintage" card too. First, another one of the packs sent over by dilemma19....

Some big 1987 Topps help which includes some new card adds (like the checklists, which I was apparently sorely lacking on) and a number of replacements for poorer condition cards.

On top of that, a number of 1988 O Pee Chee needs...

Yes - and the one 1987 O Pee Chee - Jimy looking a little worse for wear, but I like him just the same. The last card, Juan, threw me off a bit to begin with because of the blue border. Then I turned it over, saw the C fr the card number, and realized it was a box bottom (sweet!).

As for the Toronto Box...

The Dave Ellett card is a fine enough ode to vintage. I wish more cards had the solid cardstock to them.

That is a lot of extra McD Gold Blue Jay cards circa 1992.

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 79 190 52
New Other 16 12
Dupes Base 295 477
Dupes Other 16 3
Total 406 682 52 1140

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