Saturday, December 2, 2017

Toronto Box Day 2 - Some Basketball?!?!

Okay, so I wasn't expecting to see any basketball cards, but these are Toronto cards at least, so there is that.

As you can see, a few dupes in the bunch, but I haven't seen any 1995-96 Fleer basketball until this. I am not sure what the other team cards are like, but I did like the purple in all it's purply glory, but even these tend to be a bit too much. For what little bit I followed basketball, this was about the time frame for it, so I do prefer the uniforms and even having the purple play a good part in the logo - the cards just take it too far.

As for the new cards today:

The Jim Gott is in rough condition. Glad to see it, and the other 80s Leaf cards because I am missing so much from these and frankly, wasn't sure I would see anything going back pre-85 in the box, so big thumbs up there anyway for Gott.

The Collector's Choice Gilmour would make a good 8 by 10, signed....just saying...

I am also sorely lacking on the Emerald Ice and Topps Gold parallels, so again, great seeing a couple here, and here is to hoping for more.

For the doubles and then some...

Again, can't knock the variety yet. I figured two days in, I would still just be inundated with '91 Fleer, '90 Donruss, '90 Upper Deck, '91 everything, but happily not really the case....yet....

Really like the 1992 McDonald Blue Jays Gold cards, and I do have the set of 6 which is a nice little insert set to a nice 26 card McDonald set - sets like those are ones I really enjoy.

So two days in and here is where we stand (I doubt the percentage of new to me cards will stay this high much longer....though I hope it does!):
Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 8 9 13
New Other 7 3
Dupes Base 20 16
Dupes Other 4
Total 39 28 13 80


  1. Just got that Gilmour signed recently=----

  2. I remember Jim Gott as a Pirate...had no idea he pitched for the Jays. I love those Topps gold as well, I want to put the Blackhawks team set together.