Monday, December 18, 2017

Toronto Box Day 18 - American and what you get when you don't need

Before the box, I completed another great trade with CKBeber329 the other day. A bit different in that, there wasn't much I needed that was up for offer, so I did a little scrounging around their trade stuff to see if there was anything interesting. So I ended up going to my inserts collection, which I don't usually do because I have so many needs for the Jays and sets, that people usually have enough there for trading to me. Am I upset by this? Absolutely not - and frankly, I was more about getting rid of cards, than getting more - so I picked a few and ensured I was giving up more than I was getting (have to start reducing the card collection some how).

So, although I did get a few set/Jays cards...

It was really mostly inserts...

Not really trying for all the 1990 Donruss Grand Slammers, but saw it and thought, why not. As for the stickers - always liked these inserts and team logos, so these add to each insert set - still well of on caring about finishing either, but I do have a good start on each.

As always, appreciate the great trade - thank you.

Anyway, the other day I talked a bit about different versions of the same set - American, Canadian, English, Bilingual, etc, and today we have another example of it from the Toronto Box.

A while ago I ended up with a sealed set of this Score American set, but I need another set of just the Leaf cards for the Leaf collection. Honestly, I prefer the difference of the border colour to more easily tell apart the American set from the Canadian versions. Heck, they should do that between the English and Bilingual versions in Canada so they can be easily spotted. For the longest time, I had those two sets mushed together as one not having noticed the difference.

There were other adds for the collection as well...

Not quite done with the team set for 1993-94 Ultra, but these help to make more strides.

Many duplicates as well...

Yeah,a LOT of 1990-91 Pro Set cards which I already have....but I do love the set!

Oh Ken Baumgartner - is it sad that my best memory of him is how absolutely slow his character was in NHL '94 for the SNES? Just remember,'s in the game!

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 46 113 44
New Other 14 8
Dupes Base 186 302
Dupes Other 5 2
Total 251 425 44 720

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