Saturday, December 30, 2017

Toronto Box Day 30 - Some older stuff

First, continuing the trend of a merry dileema19 Christmas, actually going to go through two packets today because there were two that were all 1991 Bowman. I had quite a way to go on this one, and now am about 50 cards short on the set, but that is a lot closer having received all of these...

That is a BUNCH of Bowman goodness!

Throughout the box of cards, not unexpectedly, we have seen a few cards in the late 80s, but nothing further really. Well, today I think we get as far back as we are going to...the mid 80s...

I seem to recall having more 1986 O Pee Chee hockey cards back in the day, but must have gotten rid of them at some point. Oh well, at least I have a few more of them back now.

I am especially fond of the 1986-07 O Pee Chee design given the colour scheme and being a Leaf fan and all.

As for the plentiful dupes today...

Almost ended up with an entire team set of 1990 Topps Jays in todays cards alone. Also, was abloe to finish the short 1993 O Pee Chee Premier set as well.

Seem to be getting a lot of Ultimate Six cards each of the last few days, and a bunch of 80s O Pee Chee I didn't need (but still am quite happy to get.

Tomorrow is New Years, this year just seemed to fly by...

Blue Jays Leafs Other
New Base 89 226 53
New Other 18 13
Dupes Base 392 586
Dupes Other 16 7
Total 515 832 53 1400

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