Friday, July 2, 2021

Appreciating Art

 I could go on about a couple more hologram related cards I am keeping from 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey...

Or the not so keeping cards from the same set...

However, I may not be keeping them, but let's look at some collector's choice subset basketball cards.

These are absolutely beautiful. Sure, the card is a team checklist on the back, but these are done marvelously, most showing a close up of a star player, and an action shot as well as an arena show or otherwise as a third piece.

Spectacular ones that honestly, I could see people wanting poster sized and framing to put up on a wall in a man cave or otherwise.

Part of what I appreciate about these big card lots - being able to see and enjoy cards that I don't necessarily have a long term care for keeping, but can appreciate looking at in hand for a little while.

Honestly, it almost puts these in game action shots on base cards to shame.

What other sets or subsets come to mind when you think of artistic cards...other than maybe the photography of stadium club?


  1. Oates, Turgeon, and Wilson from the hockey batch.

    Larry Johnson and Bob Lanier from the basketball batch.

    I do like the art cards, though I wish the players' names were on the fronts. Maybe they didn't do that because they're checklists.

    I like the original Donruss Diamond Kings run, from the early 1980s to he early '90s.

    I also like the art cards 1991 Pro Set football did for Pro Bowlers, Hall of Famers, and Legends.

    1. I wouldn't mind the names on them either - could be done simply and tastefully.