Saturday, July 3, 2021

Can't Avoid The 7th

 I am sure many people have completed the 1992 Donruss baseball set...and these 9 cards bring me closer...

However, even if you have it complete, these cards are not very offensive to get in a big lot. I don't mind seeing them again, even if I don't need them. A nice light blue and grey design, decent photography. I can ignore whether there is a dot behind the "INC" on the back. No harm, no foul.

However, getting to the dupes today...

I loathe 7th Inning minor league hockey sets. Whether OHL, QMJHL, 1990-91 or 1991-92, they are all just so blah. I get it, we had a craze of wanting everyone and their mother on a card because everyone was buying them. Sure, Pro Set did a poor job edition cards in 1990-91 for their huge hockey set, but these 7th Inning sets just look like something done ad hoc.

I mean, some of the cards look like they just asked parents to take photos for including in the sets.

Maybe I just see way too much of them, and because I don't collect them, I just don't appreciate the sets. Maybe?

Am I being too harsh? If, heaven forbid, there are more tomorrow, I'll scan some backs. Maybe you can find something redeeming about the backs of the cards...if there's isn't much about the fronts.

I guess the white border on these is at least less glaring than 1991 Fleer baseball?

Yeah, a couple basketball cards aren't going to make this post any least I can end on a better note...


Much better....


  1. I opened some 1992 Donruss... but never completed the set. Opened up some of that 7th Inning hockey too. Pretty sure I was chasing the Lindros card back in the day.

  2. Dykstra breaking up the double play is a decent pic at least.

  3. You're not wrong about the bland 7th Inning sets. I dont see them very often and I don't need to. That said, those Bulls cards are interesting - that logo looks like fire.

  4. 1992 donruss was the second set I collected after I had decided that I was now a set collector. Have lots of dupes if you need any

  5. Every time i see them (7th inning)it reminds me of this story -

  6. Or this version -

    1. Yes, I remember seeing that a year or so ago and it's what I think of too. Any other cards or sets, and I would be devastated - but for 7th Inning - it's about what I think of the set unfortunately.