Sunday, July 25, 2021

Scorry A Horry

 Sure, he isn't a Hall of Famer per se, but he did win a number of Championships and was a role player many years, so a supporting chameleon of sorts - but Robert Horry had a great career overall.

I mean, winning championships with three different teams is a great achievement - period. Being in the NBA for almost 20 years is a great achievement - period.

Though he spent more time in LA, I remember him more from starting in the league with Houston, but mostly because that was his team on the early 90s basketball video games I played.

He may not have been the flashiest players, but he played a great part to his team wherever he was.

One more day or so of the set, and I think one thing I learned going through the set like this, I may be better off sorting a "chunk" to get copies together and them go through the set in a few days, but at least then just seeing the cards one on the way through....ah well, live and learn.


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    1. I'm so tempted to start this set build. Great cards, especially the team checklists and rookies.

      Horry was one of my favorite players in the '90s. And maybe he will make the HOF one day. Have you seen some of the guys enshrined in Springfield?!?

    2. It is a nice looking set, but my one initial worry is, your want to sleeve each card, seen too many of them damaged from sticking together!

  2. Rodman wins it. Honorable mentions for McHale and Parish.

  3. Robert Horry belongs in the HOF, and no one can convince me otherwise.