Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Rouse In The House

 Only one keeper card today so let's talk a bit about the man...

Bob came into the NHL with the Minnesota in 1983-84 and spent a few years there before heading to Washington before landing in Toronto in the midst of the 1990-91 season. In coming to Toronto, the Leafs gave up Al Iafrate for Rouse and Peter Zezel.

Rouse had a few good seasons with the Leafs, and was solid in the playoffs, but didn't find personal success until leaving for Detroit where he won back to back Stanley Cups. He ended his career with San Jose with the turn to the ear 2000.

Too bad it isn't just more 1993-94 Pinnacle today...

Sooo tempting to just put these in as packaging material....oh, but looks like we do have a little more 1993-94 Pinnacle though...

I am going to be too lazy to actually check this, but I swear that picture of Healy showed up on atleast one other card (and I don't mean the english version of the card).

I will say, these black borders, at least as far as Magic cards go, always seem to be problematic for condition as they chip easily, but these all look pretty darn good which is nice. Will have to see how much more of these we run across...but to the "go" pile for now.

7th Inning Sketch cards always depress me - so how about a little PWE trade with new trade partner from TCDB nkandy11.

Any Tony Gwynn is a good Tony Gwynn, but this one from 1989 Topps (which I am sure everyone recognizes), was needed for the error binder - a missed italicizing of a league leading stat - I know, not that big a deal.

As for the Jays additions, I like the Donruss Classic designs 2003-2005 and hadn't known about the ESPN set, but now I have card proof of it.

Oh, and yes, I even traded for these...

Don't make too much fun of me....they are still cards...kind of...

Ummm...can I say I just liked being able to trade cards to someone who needed them more, and it wasn't really about getting these back in return?

My forbidden shame.....


  1. I think I've donated more 2012 Triple Play to Goodwill than any other product from the decade. I was going to say it's up there as the most donated product ever, but then I remembered sets like 1988 Topps, 1990 Donruss, 1990 Fleer, and 1991 Donruss.

    1. Definitely sets that would be up there on getting shared with others, whether they want them or not. :)