Tuesday, July 13, 2021

In The Stars

SO today's cards include some In The Game cards, including a Leaf... 

Which come from a Toronto Star In The Game set from 2003-04, and here is the insert to prove it!

The real "hots" of today's cards though...more McD cards!

We are now up to 40 of the 55 card base set - sweet! Even if I get no more adds from these cards, I made some solid progress on this one, which is really all I ask for when buying lots of cards - some progress!

Speaking of which...

Some more Stadium Club additions from 1992 to close out the keepers.

As for the rest...

Well, I guess it works out when I get 304 copies of Leaf cards, but the other side is some cards like Roenick where I get a number of them.

Basketball to end the day...

I mentioned some www.baseballcardstore.ca cards that came my way and shares some yesterday, so here are the rest!

Here we have cards I am a bit surprised I didn't have yet with the Bell and Stieb SuperStar cards, cards I knew about but didn't have like Gonzalez in Finest, and cards I hadn't heard of with the couple Aficionado cards (which have a different look to them indeed).

I think I like the "can't believe he was a Jay" Caseco card from this bunch.

A few more jays including another 2005 Donruss Champions card which is, to me, one of the most wasteful front designs ever. I get you want to have consistency with the inserts and cards that use the space, but these base cards just look like lost potential.

Oh, there are Leafs too...

That Gilmour 1993-94 Panini Sticker scanned nicely. Most of the hockey is a large part of the Leaf team set from 1999-2000 Upper Deck Victory.

Not quite all of it, but darn near it which is nice. We also get a few slightly newer cards including 2015-16 Upper Deck Portofolio Borje - sweet.

As always, a big thank you for the package and cards, always puts a smile on my face and provides an exciting day (and more), seeing the cards and enjoying them.


  1. That Stieb SuperStar card is cool. I'll have to search for his cards the next time I order from their site. I bought a bunch of their mystery bags, but haven't had the opportunity to open them up since I've been sorting through my recent card show stuff.

  2. I may have missed the explanation...why are the big logo hockey cards called McDonalds? I don't see the golden arches on the card.

    1. They were a McDonalds release - the arches are stuck on the back - hidden so that they don't spoil the front logo goodness I guess.