Friday, July 23, 2021

More and more

 Another day, another 50 from the 1992-93 Upper Deck basketball series. Many of the cards, already have made at least one appearance...but let's take a look anyway...

Looks like Cliff is taking a peak from behind his headband...maybe the score wasn't so nice to be checking out that he was hiding.

I'd have to check but I think those are like the 5th and 6th Kerr's so far.

Let's end again with the Team MVP inserts...

Isiah Thomas - now there is another Raptors name from the past. I think Isiah did alright behind the scenes for the Raptors and helping them through the early formative years, but I think the expectations were to the moon, and he didn't reach that - but that was more on being an expansion franchise in the 90s.

Isiah always came across with a smile and being a "good guy", and I can't say his run with the Raptors was poor, but never reached the heights the fans wanted. He did draft a few important men for those formative years like Stoudamire, Camby, and McGrady.


  1. Stockton wins it.

    Honorable mentions for McHale, Rodman, and Hardaway.

    Jordan guest appearance on the Laimbeer card.

  2. It would have been fun to see what the Raptors could have done had they kept Stoudamire and Camby around... long enough for them to play with VC. Heck... that even had Chauncey Billups on their roster for a brief moment.

    1. Just wasn't in the cards, but would have been very interesting!