Sunday, July 18, 2021

Reaching The Santa Lot Point

 With this post, I reach, within a few cards, the total I had with the Santa Lot a couple years ago. I figure, may be worth comparing the two to see who is ahead...well, really, how much ahead this pick up is compared to the Santa Lot.

Quickly then...the keeprs...

Some more 1992 Stadium Club additions. If all the releases for this set are somewhere in this lot, that would be great for building the set. I think everything so far has been from the middle series though.

As for the rest...

I always try to find positive things to say about cards and I can say, at least the team designs with the colours work well? That's all I got.

So, the 20 in 21 lot to date is...

While the Santa Lot ended with...

So, I think the Santa Lot will be better on the financial side as I sold a few cards and ended up ahead on money, so everything I kept was "free", but from a "what I got", this 20 in 20 lot is better.

Happily, there is more baseball in this lot, while hockey is still the main sport and although there may not be the variety of inserts - as most of the inserts in the 20 in 20 lot were from the gold parallels which we went through early on, it does put this lot well ahead of the Santa Lot.

Best part is, although I am being a bit more selective now on sets I am working on and keepers, I am still keeping more of this lot than the Santa Lot.

The big much is left? My guess is that we are about half way there. It was sold as being 20k, but I think it will end up around 25k...which means this won't necessarily get done here until some time next year. Cool with me!

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  1. The contenders are all baseball this round.

    Mo wins it over wrong team Pedro and wrong team Dewey.