Thursday, July 15, 2021

Park Here

 I always have to do a double take when I get 1991-92 Parkhurst cards...

The second series actually has stats for the 1991-92 season on the back. As I am sure most do, when you aren't sure with a set, you check the stats to know what year it is, but when they list 1991-92, you think it's a 1992-93 set...but NO!

Small complaint, but on the plus side...more stats is always a good thing!

As for these specific additions - Tie Domi during his Rangers stop, which was after his first stint with Toronto which was 2 games.

There were other Parkhurst cards which I didn't need...

Seeing more I don't need as I am just shy of 70% complete on this 475 card set. Like 1991-92 Pro Set, it's a set which doesn't have much for value, but have a lot for sentimental punch since it was a set I saw a lot as a kid collecting.

Saw some of this set as a kid too. Iconic Upper Deck design for basketball. Not being a collector, I don't know for certain, but I felt Upper Deck was slighted to other brands at the time like Hoops and SkyBox, but I am no any experts, let me know your thoughts - early 90s, where did Upper Deck place in basketball card brands?

Let's end today with a quick PWE trade with TCDB member Splinter_9. This is one of the few I initiated (usually I don't do much active trade initiating, I accept pretty much everything people pose to me though). This was a quick one for a few adds to the slow 1982 Topps build.

A solid, almost dozen which include a couple Expo cards. This brings me to 218 of the 792 card behemoth. As I say, many a card left for this one and no rush on time so I will pluck away slowly...


  1. When UD made its basketball debut in 1991-92, it instantly became the number 1 basketball product for me. I loved the great photography, the awesome design, and those fancy hologram inserts. As for 1991-92 Fleer, Hoops, and Skybox... they just didn't do anything for me. I wasn't a fan of the Fleer or Hoops designs. Skybox wasn't terrible, but definitely wasn't in UD's league that season (in my humble opinion).

    1. In end product - Upper Deck was great early 90s - it may have been the kids I knew that collected, but the other sets were more dominant in their collecting. Could have been price driven too...

  2. I always have to look up those two years of Parkhurst. Also the two Pinnacle sets produced by Panini.

    1. Understandable - the Parkhurst, I always have to look at the back because the front colouring isn't that different to tell them apart.