Tuesday, July 20, 2021

This Seems Familiar

 Well, this [post will look a little like yesterdays me thinks...

I do really like the Scoring Threats subset. Tandems that I do remember from back in the day, and a simple but solid design to get both players on the front of the card in nice poses to boot.

I can't say the "Stay In School" cards did much for me from a collecting stand point, but if they pushed any kids into sticking with it, totally worth having the program and the cards out there. More kids should stay in school - heck - I know some adults that should probably still be there too!

What are people's thoughts on those grey faded traded stamps being used on the front for trades. I almost find it too faded to really see or focus on, and frankly, it's pretty key information. I'd almost rather the print be smaller but solid black.

Let's end with another Team MVP...

I personally liked the play of Spud Webb a bit more, but Mitch did alright for the Kings.


  1. Tim Hardaway wins it.

    Guest appearances from James Worthy, Horace Grant, Rony Seikaly, and Charles Barkley.

    1. I would have enlarged the colored bar at the bottom and put it there in the same print as the player's name. Like on a line below the name.

  2. Always nice to see Tim Hardaway in a Warriors jersey. I just finished sorting a huge box of basketball cards and found about 40 cards of him. Sadly 75% of them featured him with the Heat.

  3. Plenty of good cards. The Hardaway is my favorite but barely over the Nance and Woolridge cards.