Saturday, July 17, 2021

Ending A Winner

 Some packs don't start well, but end well....yeah, not really foreshadowing'll see.

The Upper Deck circa 1991-92 we have seen a bit of...but then we get to the classic 1992-63 Topps design, which I am much more use to seeing in baseball.

Like the other sports, there is a nice gold parallel version, here we see it on Armon Gilliam.

I like the Charles Oakley Upper Deck card at the end. He was a tough guy on the court, and not sure I really ever liked him when I watched, but his play was gritty from what I recall.

I definitely do not remember Carlos playing for the Raptors...

I do like the photo on that Reggie though - a great example of an off court shot really working well.

Though this bunch of cards didn't really do much for me overall..I did come out a winner at least..

I think I may be a little late to collect the prize on this one. So...does it count as a Jordan card though? The scratch pattern is unique too - so is it a 1 of 1?


  1. You got a bunch of good players. Sikma, Kevin Johnson, Dale Ellis, Oakley, Alvin Robertson, Kidd, Olajuwon, Payton, Stockton, Larry Johnson, Reggie.

    1. I have been happily impressed that the pickings that happened seem to be very player specific that it may have been PC only guys, which look to be Jordan, Pippen maybe, and a few others, but many stars still here.

  2. Counts as a Jordan to me. 1 of 1? Debatable.

    1. But it is so unique! lol. Agree though, it can be a Jordan card.