Sunday, July 11, 2021

Half Way Home

Can't complain when I'm able to get over the half way mark on a nice looking 100 card pure base set...

Another nice lot of additions. Sure, you don't get a huge memorable action shot on the front, but nice nonetheless!

A few more additions for today...

More reasons to enjoy the 1992 Stadium Club set. Almost wish they did a whole Member's Choice set as a parallel for the base - so nice and shiny. Great Avery and Fielder too!

Still wish Cecil stuck around Toronto for his heyday.

As for the rest..

Big picture, I'm not going to complain about the basketball cards. As you can see below, hockey is running away so far as being the most represented in this lot, and that's more than fine, while the rest have been pretty even, with a small spattering of soccer, racing, and other stuffs.

If these all hold through the rest...which honestly, I am thinking may be closer to 25,000 cards, then we are all good!

I'll end today with two items - first, I got another neat package from which I will share in the next few days, and second, I will share a small PWE from TCDB member Puma1125 - first time trade partner.

In that PWE - something I wouldn't normally trade for, but since they were offered...

Though the scans may try to show otherwise, this team set of 1984 Fun Food Pins is in near perfect condition and look nice and vibrant. As it was the whole team set, I figured, why not. Wasn't sure if PWE mailing was going to cause an issue on the other cards.

Nothing too major in the other cards, but the Bob Geren UER card did end up with a circle dent in the front which you can see at the right angle. I can live with that though, it's just an error binder card and suits my need still.

Definitely not the usual PWE for me, but a great one, thank you.


  1. Those 1984 Fun Food Pins are really cool! I like how they protected them in a coin holder. I need to get me some of those.

  2. Some good players in that hoops batch: Kidd, Miller, Larry Johnson, Zo.