Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Checking In Some Heritage

 Most of the rest of the Jays are from the last decade, so I pulled out a couple of the sets where there's a bunch of cards, today being Heritage.

As per usual, Topps does a good job with Heritage and updating but paying good tribute to the original designs. Hard to complain about the card designs, and the card stock is solid and wonderful. A good Rasmus mullet doesn't hurt either.

I will point out a couple minor pet peeves with these though - when it comes to cursive, as long as the font is easy to read, I don't mind, though it's not as easy of course as printed text. If you are going to use printed text - there is no need for names to be missing the capital letters. I really wish they gave that one concession on the design, it bothers me so much - lol.

We have one minor league Heritage card sneak in, but beyond that, we have about 10 new additions from the lot of cards today which is pretty darn sweet!

I love the Bobby Ray smile on the cards from 2022 Heritage. I thinks it's pretty obvious he was going for the massive cheesy smile and it's worse in some cards than others, but great just the same.

Still two more days of Jays to go in the Ken package...yay!

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