Friday, June 9, 2023

Not Plentiful, But Wonderful

 Last cards from Ken, and we are talking hockey today.

These are all of the Canadian bilingual variety. I remember not thinking the English and Bilingual were different sets back when I was collecting as a kid. Thought maybe they were just printed both ways for the set....oh how naïve a kid can be. None new for me, but many are the duplicate I need as I now work on completing the full bilingual set to go with the English.

We go from the early 90s, all the way right up to the 2020s. The 2021-22 Artifacts and 2022-23 O Pee Chee are my first card from each of the sets for my Leaf collection, which is a pretty great way to end this package.

Well, with that massive package behind me, I'd normally be saying I'm headed back into the COVID lot of cards....but it'll have to wait a little longer as I actually have another box from an off TCDB trade with reader Oren, so will be a few days of going through that amazing package as well.

I know...a real shame. :)

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  1. Leaf fans will forever wax nostalgic about the Nick Foligno era.