Saturday, June 3, 2023

Before T.O.

 So, before spending a few days on the Toronto related content from Ken and the package of goodies he sent, I will highlight some of the "other" cards that were sent.

Some base card keepers from the bilingual 1991-92 Score set. I do have the Canadian English only version done, but a good start on the bilingual as well, so working on that....a few Bruins cards that won't be off to Jeff Scott. Similarly for the 1991 Topps Gardner card.

There were a few inserts as well, which are awesome additions with a few Topps gold parallels, and a couple 1991 Topps glowbacks. Yeah, not sure if I really want to essentially work on a glowback parallel set, but if I come across the cards, I do keep them.

Definitely a nice array of non-Toronto cards, which I wasn't expecting, but tomorrow we start to bulk of the goodies - plenty of Blue Jays, and, fingers crossed, maybe a team set or two I can call completed with the additions!

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