Friday, June 2, 2023


So, in April, reader Ken from MO, USA reached out for a trade. I let him know I could send back after April (which I did), but I haven't had time to post, share, and log all the goodies he sent. Until now!

As usual with these bigger packages, I'll take a few days to go over depending on what all is here, and this is a pretty nice haul. Ken even had a few cards in that I can send off to other trade partners with some Bruins and Expo cards - those collectors know who they are. I won't share the ones I am sending off, here, as it can stay a surprise for them.

Today, a few shares of items which, more or less, came packaged...

Won't be keeping the Star Trek or Looney Tunes cards, but happy to share them and find a home for them!

Political correctness kills some aspects of these retro shows. I am glad that during my childhood, reruns of the show were on in spades, and I still got to enjoy it. You can still find it around, but not as easily - at least not here,, and I am sure part of it is the aspects that haven't aged well.

Though I will always prefer Picard to Kirk and Stewart to Shatner, the original show was still long as you were not wearing a red shirt on a mission....

For the Looney Tunes, everything was getting in on the card craze of the early 90s, including these guys. Again, I watched plenty of the cartoons, but luckily didn't know about these cards until the last few years.

The cards are a card front and back really, which I am not a fan of when the point is a comic and if you wanted to lay out the whole thing, you would then need two of each card.

Lastly, the one I am absolutely keeping, the Kraft set...

Other than the design taking up a bit much of the photo, great cards, and love that none of these pop up cards have been popped up - and they will stay that way.

There is a similar 15 card NL set, though, I don't feel any need to get it since I am much more attached to the AL for obvious Blue Jay loving reasons.

Just the tip of the package and will have more to share the next few days - but an amazing start.

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