Friday, June 23, 2023

Around The Globe

 Finally, we get back to the COVID's been a good while, and we get to go back to a perfect example of why these lots can be so darn interesting.

Here we have a bunch of cards coming from a 1995 hockey set. This is Semic Globe VM, which is a Swedish set. I presume a box or two made it's way over here, were broke, and what I have is odds and sods left overs of it. Being an internationally focused set, we do get a bunch of NHL regular names, but on national teams, and nothing that fits into my collection to keep - but fun to look through.

The about 160 cards here covered about 40% of the base set, and as you can see above, some solid names with international flare, and stats that reflect their international tournament play.

The design does stand out with the bright background, foil logo on the front, and without write ups, lots of stat room on the back. Not a bad design at all for what the cards are.

We even have some subset cards which highlight some Russian stars. Not a bad subset design either.

Overall, a neat set, and the different language base and international flare make it unique. Not collecting it, but expect I should be able to move some cards to people on TCDB, unless English language cards is a criteria for most.


  1. Totally down for the Graves when we make our next trade

  2. Very cool. I've never seen these before, which is weird because the mid 90's was the peak of my hockey card fanfare. I think I opened more hockey product in 1995 than all of the other sports combined.

    1. I was in about the same boat until being hit with the bunch here.