Sunday, June 25, 2023

2018-19 Flagship Adds

 TOday from the COVID lot, we have some adds to a relatively new (especially for me) set I am working on. Sure, it's now about 5 years old, but being as that's about as a new a card as I collect in sports cards, it's a relatively new set on my collecting list.

We have a bunch of about 80 cards, and as it works out, about 2 copies of most cards, so I keep one since I didn't really have any of the cards for the set since it is early days on keeping the base cards for this one. Does mean I cam keeping Boston cards when I usually end up shipping them off to Jeff Scott as he collects them. As it goes, I only have a few people/teams I tend to trade this way. Jeff for Bruins, Mike at Not Another Baseball Card Blog gets all my Expos, and those are the only ones top of mind when I go through the lots.

Happy to add anyone one for any other team as I go through as I like having a place to specifically send cards and it means I don't have to hold them long. I don't look for much in return anyway, just happy to move some to a good home. Any of the 4 big sports is fine, though most is hockey or baseball.

The backs are more naked than I would really like...too much white space...but at least with hockey, it reminds of the ice!

Can't even really complain of the horizontal cards are they are fairly well done photography wise. A clean looking I just need another 380 cards to go!

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