Sunday, June 18, 2023

The Wrestling Card Order

 So, this was the main reason I picked up cards from - filling a few wrestling card needs, and getting some other random ones that were just cards I didn't have.

The pick part is the 2021 WWE Topps Heritage base set work as I am down to less than 10 cards needed on the set, but since I was picking out cards, I pulled a few cards from earlier sets, like the Topps Chrome. I really like the Victoria heritage throwback form for a wrestling card, though could do without the "Diva" moniker that was still being used.

For whatever reason, it was Smackdown I was missing a bunch of the base cards from, guess I got most of the Raw ones. Zelina Vega can look so different one day to the next. She's part chameleon I swear. She may not be the biggest wrestling, but does have that ability to change her look. A good example would be contrasting the card to her appearance at 2023 Backlash in Puerto Rico.

Some first cards from 2022 Prizm and Select, not sets I love the design for, and Cora Jade's card just looks bad with the washed out pic. Not sure if it's because of lighting the moment the shot was taken, or something else, but they could have picked better.

Other than the base cards, got a few insert pick ups as well...

Can't ever say no to a new Miz insert, and the Ronda inserts were hot at the time though she seems to be back a step since coming back from being off with her first kid.

More to go from the order tomorrow as I picked up some Jays as random guessing at cards I didn't have, but got a bunch more that I was lucky to have passed along to me kindly as well.


  1. I'm pretty sure I had one, two, or even a few wrestling cards in my last order too. I haven't had time to actually sort the shipment, but I'm guessing an Asuka was part of it.

    1. I would expect you picked up an Asuka or two. ;)