Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Don't Forget The Flagship

 Well, on to the newer flagship cards from the package Ken sent me. Here we cover cards from the Topps flagship sets of the last decade, including my first Blue Jays cards from 2023!

I have been very fortunate in trading to get many of the Blue Jays from the more recent flagship base sets. Not all the snazzy short prints and such, but most of the base cards have come my way in trades, so nothing new for me in the first bunch, though love Kay rockin' those glasses.

Once we get into 2022, we do have some base cards that haven't crossed my collection yet...

Love the Bichette card, but it's the team card that is a need...or was. No surprise Vladdy's dead centre on that one.

We get to end with the first 2023 cards for me (and it gave me the opportunity to add the rest to my want list). Definitely a design I like better than the last few years, but that's in part because I am a sucker for a good logo on the front of the card.

Fantastic bunch, and we still have one more bunch of Jays, and a sprinkling of Leaf cards to go before we are through with the package from Ken!

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