Friday, June 16, 2023

Gold and Errors

 Yet another TCDB PWE trade share today, this one with first time trade partner BrianJ83.

I completely scanned the wrong side of the 1988 Topps sticker, as it is the other side which showed my Jays content of Tony Fernandez, but you can take my word that he is on there!

The sprinkling of Gold cards are nice too, but Mike Bielecki wins for importance as he was the last card for my 1989 Donruss base set to be complete, having been somehow overlooked when I thought Griffey Jr. was going to be the last one.

Some solid mid-90s pick ups with some Juan Guzman cards to highlight, and an electric diamond Olerud.

Shannon Stewart rookie card is a solid pick up as well, though he never panned out quite the way I hoped he would for the Jays.

Such a good bunch of cards in what is the last trade I'll post for a couple days. I have an order from to share for a few next which has a bit of everything I like to collect.


  1. Still trying to finish 1989 Topps and Donruss. Happy you were finally able to do so. Favorite card though is you flashing that 1997 Fleer baseball.