Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Forgetting What You Are Collecting

 Sometimes it's hard to be focused when collecting. I mean, I don't focus on completing specific sets some times, but do have it as a back burner goal. This means, at times, I forget when looking at cards, that I am actually working on completing the set, until I look at my collection on TCDB and have that "oh yeah" moment.

The cards from the COVID lot today, provided such a moment.

2003-04 In The Game Toronto Star 100 card set is one I apparently had 44 cards of before getting these cards pulled today. As it then turns out, I needed 16 of these, so am up to 60% complete. Not bad for thinking they would all be trade fodder.

I still stand by not really loving the set and the look, front and back. I mean, it all starts with the cursive in the game logo for me...yuck. The redeeming quality is that the set was a Toronto Star set - local newspaper of the time, hence the collecting - that and getting a big chunk of it in a lot.

More stats, less words is all I have to say about the backs. Could be worse, they could have just left empty space I guess.

Definitely still missing some players - main goalies, Islanders at times seem to be pulled, and a couple stars left in the 40 cards still needed, but it was a better card day than I was expecting, so all good!