Saturday, June 17, 2023

To ERR Is Human

 So, the wonderful people behind, I've known for a few years, and are wonderful people, and a great site. They were kind enough to send more cards than I had ordered, including some cards they didn't have listed as some error cards they had (which they know I love and collect), came my way...

Petr is miscut side to side, as you can see a sliver of another card on the right side, while Millen is miscut vertically. As for Wayne and Karl, they have crimping issues, Wayne on top and Karl across the bottom.

Other than Nipper who has a spot on the back, the rest of these are miscuts, with the Stadium Club ones being horrendously, and gloriously done. If anyone wants to play "who dat" for the partial cards not seen, go

We even get a Topps bottom of the sheet miscut as you see the sheet cut line clearly, and very much off. Amazing gets that people don't necessarily consider keeping, let alone listing or sharing/trading.

What I did order were some wrestling and Jays cards, the wrestling will be up tomorrow!


  1. Awfully nice of them to send them to you. Wonder if it was something they could sell anyway

    1. My guess is may be harder to catalogue and sell, especially for the price, but they are all kinds of neat!

  2. Some of those miscut cards are amazing! Can't remember the last time I saw a headless sports card.