Sunday, June 4, 2023

Early Jays

 As promised, today, a start through the Jays Ken was nice enough to send along, and the starting point time wise, is the 1979 Jays...

A bunch of Topps cards, and love getting the dupes, but best of all is Willie Horton who was the last Jay I needed for the team set. This marks the earliest complete Jays team set I now have - yay! Oh, and nice getting a second Bump since he is an error card here as he was with the Rangers, no the Jays....oops!

On into 1981, we have a whole bunch of 1981 Fleer, and I was hopeful I might get the last Jay from that set for my team set, but alas, still looking for Damaso Garcia - however, a whole bunch of great Jay dupes for the collection!

I don't know why, but that faded green and blue stadium background just screams early Jays baseball and gives me the nice nostalgic warm and fuzzies.

1981 Topps, we have the complete team set of already, but these are definitely better quality than the ones I have, so all for nice upgrades, especially on the team card!

I always appreciate getting Dave Stieb cards as he was my early fave Jays player and is still my favourite Jays pitcher of all time. For some reason, I have done better collecting Fleer from the mid 80s, but still a couple new additions here - sweet - but no other team set completion yet.

Yes, I do also collect the checklists like the one here, when the team is listed as a whole. If it's just a checklist that happens to have a Jays player, no, but the team, absolutely.

A fantastic bunch of Jays, and still plenty more to go from Ken tomorrow!


  1. Not sure if you noticed, but the Horton card has the photo image reversed.

    1. Something I didn't know until checking the details when adding it on TCDB....very cool.