Monday, June 12, 2023

Enough For Their Own Post

 So we get to move onto the baseball cards from Oren, and this will be a quick post for a start because these are heavily seen sets. I still want to share because I do appreciate them as much as any of the other cards, and though overproduced as the era may have been, many of the stars of the team here, remain dear to my heard and love for the team.

With a couple other cards, most come from two sets - 1988 Score, which is almost a complete set. A couple of the cards will work as part of the set build which is cool. Others, nice additions to the numbers.

Though it may be dated, a full back with lots of stats and write ups and the unusual numbering to show the "of 660" on each card.

The other set of the time...1990 Donruss...

Always "fun" having to look at spotty borders to tell retail from factory set, but that aside, of the 99 Jays base cards including the variations, I believe I am down to just needing one variation of the Gruber Diamond King.

Still worth showing some love to these cards, but we will have more unique cards from baseball tomorrow as we continue through the pack from Oren!

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