Tuesday, June 27, 2023

A rudy trade

 Well, I would consider being able to finish off two Toronto base team sets a successful trade, and that is what we have today with a trade with TCDB member rudy1078.

The Blue Jays team set finished is 1994 Triple Play - all of 11 cards, but the last three are here. Also, a handful of Sportflixs in all of their motion goodness. Scan horrible yes, but pretty neat in hand, though sometimes over time, the film can make them feel a little "icky", but these ones are all pretty darn good.

The 2008 Topps cards are not the flagship set, but instead from the Toronto team issue, which will be a bit trickier to cobble together, but here are three more off that list.

Dave Ellett brings the last of the 10 base Maple Leaf cards for that team set of 10, and we also get a couple current Leafs, and my want list for the current year is definitely not up to date as I have to add each manually on TCDB, and that doesn't happen with each release.

A great trade for sure, and as far as single cards, really like adding Marner cards these days.

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