Thursday, June 29, 2023

Along Came Joes

 Now, I don't usually show off Bruins cards unless I am going to keep then since I pass them off to local collector Jeff, who reads the blog, and I like keeping it fun for him. That said, I am making an exception today to show off about of Joe cards.

Joe Juneau is a name I remember with Boston due to the early 90s NHL Super Nintendo games, but he went on to play with Washington, Ottawa, Buffalo, Phoenix and Montreal. In playing 828 games in his NHL career, he was a good solid Joe, but between the two, Thornton would be the better Joe here.

Thornton's time between Boston and San Jose is most of his career - his career being over twice as many games as Juneau. Thornton, unfortunately didn't win a cup with Toronto in his short stint in the city, but his move to Florida then next year seemed to be a good decision for him.

As he has aged, the beard has grown and lengthened, it's hard to recognize the man today with these cards showing his baby face of years gone past!

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