Thursday, June 22, 2023

Short Share

 JeffWestlake is back with another small PWE trade which saw me get a grand total of 5 cards, but really nice ones - so less words, since you are probably here more so to see some nice cards...

Since Jeff pretty much started on TCDB, we have had a number of trades. He being a fellow Canadian, and that making the cost of shipping less than when sending across the border, He's been a good source for some wrestling cards, which continue here.

Nothing that really pushes to finish a set or anything, but the Paige and Blaze cards are nice shiny pick ups, and the Jeff Hardy 2019 Road to WrestleMania WrestleMania Roster inserts nice too.

Oh, and wouldn't be a Canadian trade without a Tim Horton's card in the mix! Still slowly working through last year's set build....

Actually, with small trades, let's tack on one other small one today..

This small PWE is with TCDB member doublee919. A nice variety of newer Jays cards, but Vladdy wins my vote here with the insert. This is Vladdy card 44 for me....out of over 10,000 for the Hard to imagine back in the 50s, 60s, and even 70s how top guys may have only had 10-20 cards a year....

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