Friday, June 30, 2023

Continuing The Quest

 I believe this is one of the sets I started collecting from getting a cheap box at Dave & Adams something like, 5-6 years ago. As it is, I had about 74 of the pure 100 card base set. 2003-04 Pacific Quest For The Cup is one of those "wonderful" products where part of the base set is SN, so for my purposes, I don't count those.

Happily, today's cards bring that pure base set up to 93/100 and puts it on my shorter list of..."I should finish this" set list.

They may not be the best looking cards, but they were different which is what Pacific was after a lot of the time in the early 200s and even late 1990s.

Again, I do wish something more was done with the backs, like more stats. I will say, the playoff stat line is a nice touch as it's not something usually highlighted, so being that bit different helps differentiate the set at least.

We luckily do get a couple Leaf cards too, though I need a couple copies so I can have them in both team and set collections.

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