Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Lotsa Jays

 We continue with the cards from baseballcardstore.ca (do check them out - it's quite amazing what can be found sometimes!).

I always love a good team logo card, and will be just as happy with it in sticker form too. The only real difference in that case is, your don't get use of a back for team leaders, or similar team stats.

Just of note - absolutely all the cards are new today, save the last scan, so again, impressive how many 90s cards of Jays I am still missing from my collection....but great pick ups here and not all base like the Joe Carter Donruss in the middle.

We get a bunch of darker mid-90s cards from sets I wouldn't have seen at all back at the time as I wasn't even really aware of the options for anything beyond flagship sets. Still not a fan of the Bowman's Best designs, while I can maybe get a little bit more behind the Finest offerings.

The Donruss Counterparts cards were...an interesting set, with a player on each side, but for being different, I hate the fact there are no stats or write ups about either player on the cards. Now, there just wasn't the room, so I get it, but not a fan.

These are the last of todays Jays, and are all dupes - except Gary. Gary wasn't a Jay, but is an error card because the Jays card frame treatment. So, a keeper for the error binder!

Tomorrow, we get a skip ahead and go through the rest of the cards - Jays 2000 to present.


  1. I think I have the Mielke in my Jays binder because of the logo.. Kind of like I have the Bump Wills error as a Jay..

    1. Yes, I do keep it broad on the "Jay" treatment...don't want to have a case where I didn't keep a potential Jays card, then later decide I did want it...