Monday, June 19, 2023

A Lot With A Little

 I don't think any of these cards were part of the order I places, but were cards sent along with my order from, and we get some Toronto team sets knocked off today, which is really awesome.

May seem easy enough when there's only one Toronto card on an insert set like some of the redemption point cards, but the first two up were one off team sets - yay! The O Pee Chee and Flair cards also knock the needs for those teams sets down to about one each.

The Flair cards are so very high end for the time, and still feel and look premium, though my only complaint is wanting a bit more going on with the backs, but I digress.

Even the baseball cards here come through with the All Star Team being the last of two Jays for that insert, and the last card is the final of 4 Jays content 1987 Fleer team sticker insert cards.

The Star Stickers are solid too - I mean, all three are classic Jays names from the late 80s.

This much success with the first few, fingers crossed for more team sets with the rest!

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