Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Any Size Is Sweet

 When completing a team set, doesn't matter if it's a 20-30 card flagship base set or a one card insert, it's always good times.

The cards included a couple of these, on the smaller scale, with 2000 Topps Traded (Update and Rookies, and whatever other names you want to go with on the changes - all meant the same thing). Also, the one card Turkey Red insert Wells. A great start to these cards for sure.

Add in some early 2000s Fleer related sets which, I don't see enough off, and plenty new for me today.

The Panini Donruss cards are alright for what they are and kind of growing on me a bit. I can get over the airbrushing of logos from helmets, etc, and it's still a bit off not having Blue Jays on the front, but Toronto, though the designs and photos are solid.

These begin the still appreciated, but duplicate Jays - and just a reminder - all Donruss Classics sets are pretty awesome!

I will also never complain about the second generation Jays of Biggio, Vladdy Jr., and Bichette - definitely my faves of today, and hope they all stick around for their careers, though that's highly unlikely in this day and age.

A fantastic order and extras, do check out the site, they are good people and happy to support them in the hobby!

Speaking of hobby - I went in person to my favourite in person hobby shop, 401games to pick up these...

I am getting a bit torn on these for the unopened pack collection. I mean, it's like an add on to a release, and for the price of a regular 15 card booster, you get 5 cards, and for the price of a regular collector booster, you get six cards. I have a feeling prices on these will tank as there isn't anything like serial numbered cards, in the releases. Just hope this doesn't become the norm or I am going to have to consider getting out on the unopened packs as I'd much rather just get cheap single of what I like instead.

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