Saturday, June 24, 2023

Authentic Adds

 A quick search shows me I could buy a base set (not including the rookie or SN portions...yeah, because those should be part of a base set) for $30 on this set, so not overly expensive. I may have only got about 40% of the 150 cards, so not enough to keep, but priced out, I paid about 35 cents for, I love buying these lots when that happens.

I mean, four cards out of the 60-70 cards are what I end up keeping, so not a lot, but cheaper buying this way than getting them at COMC or elsewhere online. Now, I have the Leaf cards already because of the wonders of TCDB, but dupes work for me, no problem.

Oh, and why is the Steve Mason card a keeper? Error card because it isn't Steve who is's Allen York.

I definitely rank SP sets like 2011-12 here, above In The Game and Be A Player sets, as well as pinnacle, but I don't mark it too highly. The designs take away from the photos, I rather full action shots. They do well with sprinkling in stars of the past in the base sets, but then they do SN and short print rookie cards (though the rookie card part is less of a peeve at it's been long done now).

The backs are standard fare, but would rather a different photo and in colour at least. I don't know, I have never been impressed with the SP Authentic or Game Used sets, they are just kind of "there", though usually with really nice card stock. That's not enough to make me want this one no collecting the set for about you?

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