Wednesday, June 14, 2023

SNazzy Cards

 The last of the cards from Oren, and we are talking 2010 onward basically, so more new cards to me, and some serial numbered goodness sprinkled in as well.

Not quite done the team set of Jays, but Rajai helped there. I do like the hockey style catcher masks.

Always like a good team card too, a decent enough flagship set, the design has held up alright in my opinion.

We get a first serial numbered card with Aaron Hill and all the sparkle which is SN out of 75, and though not serial numbered, Marcus looks great in the refractory goodness.

With the 2022 Topps Chrome, I actual completed the Jays team set with some of the additions. Funny enough, having not bought any 2022 packs, I have been able to finish off a few Jays base team sets just through trading. guys are awesome!

Still a few needs out of the Heritage base set Jays, but three more new ones here for me with Merrifield, Bradley Jr. and Kukuchi below.

The A&G Jays are my first ones from the set, and the cards look like usual fair for the set - not complaining about that at all. Nice to have another Molitor Jays card to pick up too. Last up, a couple cards that were in hard sleeves...

Ryan is a short print, and as you can see, Jordan is a beautiful pink parallel SN card numbered to 299.

So, with all the Jays here, it's put me over 13,000 Jays cards in my collection. Some of those will be part of complete sets, but as I am not going to go and separate such, I'll just take that as the total for the collection. Pretty darn amazing. If interested, not quite 8,000 different cards covered there, which is pretty amazing as well, and I have been able to achieve in no small part, to the generosity of you out there - readers, bloggers, TCDB members I have traded with. Big thank you to you all.