Tuesday, January 19, 2016

21 Cards instead of 20...just going that extra hardcourt mile...

Yup - just because I like round numbers and that will get us to 500 of the supposed 15k cards to go through from the Santa Lot....


I really like how this card scanned - the green aura just so befitting Modano and the stars - I presume similar glow effects would work for other teams based on the colour, though in hand I don't think the aura is as glaring, and the shine takes away a bit from this effect. Another McDonald's card, which as you know, I consider an insert (well, it's inserted into your meal order...close enough...)


As will be made clear below, these aren't just useless to me, but duplicated of cards I don't need, separate from the traders below. Also, the card layout is so blah to me given there is just hardcourt background...geez, they might as well name the set after it...oh, wait...

The Rest

Yep, as discussed in my last post - these should not be horizontal....just tilt your head if you are really curious - the Al MacInnis may be worth it, nice SPx effects there for 2003-04.


Nope - nothing more to add to the plethora of hardcourt seen in this grouping...probably going to be too soon that I see more...

Based on the below, out of 500 cards, only about 23 I am really excited about. Seems low, but if you consider 5% of 15,000 - that's still 750 cards and given I spent $70 CDN on the whole shebang, less than 10 cents a card for ones I want in my collection ain't bad...
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 6      
Inserts / Variations 16 1 4    
Keep 114 9      
Doubles/Sell 38 1 64 29 218

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