Thursday, January 14, 2016

Black Border Masterpiece

Next 20 from the Santa Lot provided a couple good insert/parallel cards for keeps:


In the same 20 card grab there was this nice black border parallel as well as the base card foor Dino as shown below. I like the "pop" in the look with the black border, and it is done by just adding an extra layer of cardboard around the edge - simple but effective. I am hoping there are a couple more to be found, but not expecting a significant number.

As for the checklist - nce summary of the three stars and back is the checklist.


Overall a good 20 cards this time and no real lowlight - this is the closest that qualifies given not a sport I collect, and flimsy card stock given it is a magazine insert.

The rest

First cards of Trilogy I have seen, basic design, so although I like the colour theme, overall kind of blah, but hold on to them I will.


Of these, the duplicate Masterpiece is the nicest (yes, I am being bias here). Didn't know Chris Brown had a football career before his music career (yes - a joke - I know it's not the same Chris Brown).

Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 4      
Inserts / Variations 14 1 3    
Keep 91 9      
Doubles/Sell 34 1 42 22 218

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