Thursday, January 21, 2016

Love serial in the morning...

So one change going forward - lowlights will be used as needed, not necessarily in every post related to the Santa Lot. I take this as a good thing that I don't have much negative to say on these each time.


A couple more McDonald's cards for keeping, and although in football, one black parallel for 2005 Topps, and the first serial numbered card pulled - even if it is to 999. Nice signed of what else can be found in the cards, now if the sport can just be one I plan on keeping as these are for trade.

The rest

I really like this 2005 Classics baseball set - definitely want tosee more as it is good homage to quality players for the next generation, and provide easy access to cards of these players (relative) compared to original run cards during their careers.


Nice Dwayne Ware card, even if it is horizontal, but otherwise nothing much here that I care to discuss...

Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 6      
Inserts / Variations 20 1 4 2  
Keep 124 13      
Doubles/Sell 39 1 74 38 218

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