Sunday, January 10, 2016

Not Another Baseball Card (Trade)


A couple quick pic ups today. The first, a card I already have, but I will always take a duplicate Jay for my collection, especially one I don't see often:

Also, was able to do a trade with Mike from Not Another Baseball Card Blog. We have had a number of trades, and always beneficial for both of us. I was able to send him a chunk of baseball cards (you can read his post about it here) and in exchange get three cards for my Magic The Gathering Collection all of which were:

Since I did not have any beforehand, I will gladly take the three! For my Magic Artifact card collection, I take 4 of any artifact from each set and with each picture if there are different ones exist in each set.

Nice couple pick ups and always looking for more!


  1. Replies
    1. Much appreciated. I think I have a few Jays (minor) cards that you want - I'll take a peek on TCDB. Personally, if the card is for the minor league team, I don't consider it a Jays card for my collecting purposes (everyone has their own rules of course).