Monday, January 25, 2016

Positive thinking...

Okay, so with the 20 pulled today from the Santa Lot - no hockey, no inserts, no Toronto hockey or baseball cards...but not to fret, I will think positively about todays pull nonetheless...


Positive thinking says, these are the best of what I got, and that is a good thing because - well, at least the sets and years are varied. Being in Canada, nice to get 1984 Topps cards rather than O Pee Chee I guess. The Bowman imprinted name/signature look on the metallic background is alright as well I guess.

Well, just look at the amount of traders unfortunately for me (possibly fortunate for you).

The rest
Um...well...look under the highlights section because, that's it!


The attack on basketball Ultra 2004-05 continues as I think I am around 20% of the set now. Even if I were to somehow get a full set, I will not be keeping it. Sorry fellow Canadian Steve Nash....

Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 6 1      
Inserts / Variations 20 1 4 2  
Keep 124 22      
Doubles/Sell 39 2 98 43 218

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