Friday, January 22, 2016

Classic George Bell

A quick run through of 20 from the Santa Lot today, though with a touch of classic - though this seems to put into question the subjectivity of the term given it's use here...personally I'd say at least 30 years to be considered classic...


As I mentioned yesterday, really like this Classic set, however it now makes me fee much older since the card is about 10 years old and references George Bell as a classic being from the 80s.  Still, a very nice card that I am glad to add to my collection...however old it makes me feel.

The rest
 Again, really like these cards, especially look nice with the black and white photos.


Glad I have no reason to keep these cards - specifically the former Kardashian Kris Humphries...

Here to date is the summary:
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 6 1      
Inserts / Variations 20 1 4 2  
Keep 124 19      
Doubles/Sell 39 1 86 39 218

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