Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We talkin' about practice...


A weak 20 from the point of view of what I personally collect, so a bit off on what I would normally expect under these headings...


A couple quality NBA careers reflected here. Between the two, I would take Malone any day, but Iverson was top of the game for a shorter period of time. I can see the attraction of Iverson, and he was the franchise for the 76ers. Actually, this card depicts Iverson they way I remember him...dribblin' away as if he was in practice.


More gum damage and more disappointment in not being able to better my Central Red Army subset....

The Rest:

I really like the Rafael baseball card, quirky, busy mid-90s design...

I have no idea, but I'd guess the 2005 bazooka Topps card may be not the easiest to come by, but otherwise, I continue to like the 2004-2005 Fleer Ultra design, probably because it reminds me of Stadium Club cards...

In summary, here is where we are at:
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 3      
Inserts / Variations 9 2    
Keep 53 5      
Doubles/Sell 19 17 13 218

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