Saturday, January 9, 2016

Auto addition to the Jays collection

I recently won a couple auctions off Listia, and with one, the packaging included a few base cards as additional packing material. As they arrived in good condition as well, I will be keeping a few and trading a couple if I can find a party wanting them. I thought I'd share the couple wins here.

First, a common artifact pickup for my Magic Artifact collection - nothing special, but a welcome addition nonetheless:

With regards to the "packing material" for the last card I won, those cards are here:

These include the first hockey cards of 2012-13 Certified and 2015-16 Upper Deck that I have.

Lastly, the following which is the first autograph card I have for a Blue Jay so it is nice to put it into the collection and hopefully there will be a few more added over the year(s).


  1. Nice! The only on card auto I have is an Adam Lind I got in person when the winter tour came to Peterborough. Josh Thole and Anthony Gose signed a generic card for me and Steve Delabar signed his picture in a scorebook..

    1. Nice on getting the Adam Lind. Also, been enjoying your last couple posts on the big amount of Jays cards you received - filling things nicely for you by the looks of it!

    2. Indeed.. I now have my Jays in three binders lol

      I think I still have at least two posts out of the cards I got