Monday, January 4, 2016

Gum sticks stink....

So keeping with the plan, exploring 20 cards from the Santa Lot each day - and possibly posting some other stuff too...


The Bill Russell insert card from 2007-08 Topps is a nice card, even if I am not a basketball collector. It also goes for a couple bucks so hopefully I can turn it into something I do collect. Even from just the first few posts, I think the $70 investment will work out just fine on value as there have been a couple cards that value wise go for a couple bucks.

The Iginla makes me wonder if I will come close to completing the McDonald's 2007-08 set since it is only 50 cards..

And I do enjoy the Heritage cards, and I think this is only my second from I believe 2007, so I have no problem getting more of these.

That all said, no Leafs or

I have a complete set of the 1990-1991 O Pee Chee Red Army cards. The downside to this is, because they were hand collected, and O Pee Chee decided the best place for these cards was right beside the gum...and because I was opening these packages about 20 years after they had been wrapped - the condition of all the cards is horrible. As I have the complete set, I keep them, but secretly hope to be able to improve the quality of the cards included. That being said, I pulled one such card here...good front, and typical back...

That said, this is about par with the one I have so I am not keeping it...*sigh*....

The Rest

Really like the 1983 Hall of Fame Postcards - very unique.


As I don't collect minor league sets - you'll see all 7th Inning cards as traders. The Football Reflectors set card looks great in person, the reflector aspect seems not so great from my scanner - oh well.

Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 3      
Inserts / Variations 7 2    
Keep 38 3      
Doubles/Sell 12 6 9 218


  1. I have several dupes from the Red Army set. Email me at QAPLAGCA at and I can trade/send them to you.

    1. Will e-mail you shortly - thanks for the message.