Friday, January 1, 2016

Here we go!

Here we go with the first official post regard the Santa Lot of cards. Since I like some kind of order (and will always keep the ability to change it - my blog my rules) I will pull 20 cards at a time and review accordingly in a blog post. I don't know how long it'll last at that, but I figured that is basically a large pack of cards and there should be something of interest to look at or discuss in each such pulling, so we will start there.

I guess that also means if there are really 15,000 cards that I would have about 2 years of posts if I just post one a day so...yeah, this may take a while...


Okay, so first card of the lot and - wow - interesting. This apparently comes from 1983 and the Hockey Hall of Fame Postcards set. I am counting this as a Toronto team card all the same, and the description on the back is something you don't see every day. I will be interested to see if there are more cards from this set included as I find this a really interesting set...

As for the question "Who are the Blueshirts?". Apparently a Wiki review shows they were a Toronto hockey club with the National Hockey Association and won the Stanley Cup in 1914. Very interesting, and history I can't say I knew ahead of getting this card so win-win!

Add in a Leaf's Syl Apps Upper Deck Masterpieces card, and I'd say this was a great start. I really like the look and feel of the Masterpieces cards.


Easy lowlight from this package...I can live with there being a few dummy cards in the cards, but the redemption system on the card is crazy. I never read these before, but in this case, each dummy is 1 point, get 250 points, and you could get a redemption card. So, wow, 250 packs of cards to get a redemption card...just seems a bit excessive...but I guess that keeps the redemption cards rare.

The rest:

Rather than list names and sets, below are scan of the rest of the cards out of the 20...first the keepers...

Then the traders....

A good chunk of 2008-09 O Pee Chee. I'm not a big football fan, but these prestige cards look nice, and I recognize the Randy Moss name.

Overall, I would say awesome start, and broadly, I will be keeping the baseball and hockey cards unless otherwise noted, but any interest in the other cards, just let me know and we can get something done. I just have enough to collect without the basketball, football, etc.

Also, the summary I'll post at the bottom of each Santa Lot, here is what we have so far, including the Bobby Orr and Austin Powers Cards from earlier...

Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers
Toronto 2      
Inserts 1      
Keep 11      
Doubles/Sell 2 1 3 218

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